Friday, November 4, 2011

Kelantan to give $ 85 thousand to the Red Warriors

KOTA BARU, Nov 3 : In the above concerns as well as full support to the Kelantan football team, the state government today gave $ 85 thousand to be distributed to all players and management of The Red Warriors. Council completed the delivery of such a contribution by the Kelantan Mentri Besar Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat. Also present state executive Abdul Fattah Mahmood and Major (Rtd) Datuk Abdul Rahman Md Anizam dinner celebrating the players today. While the group The Red Warriors were led by Team Manager, who is also Secretary General KAFA Azman Ibrahim. Abdul Fattah, who is also Chairman of Human Development, Youth, Sports and NGO's speech, said the state government is constantly monitoring the course of The Red Warriors team. Although this year failed to Malaysia Cup final, but the success has two titles, namely the President's Cup and League Cup already quite impressive. "I hope the players who receive this contribution makes it as a stimulant to continue the struggle in the coming season," he said. Abdul Fattah also said that previously the government only intends to give RM60 thousand, but the above concerns of the Chief Minister Tuan Guru, the allocation increased to RM84 thousand and the personal contribution of RM1 thousands of Tuan Guru players contributed to the welfare fund. Meanwhile, Chief Minister Tuan Guru Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat said Islam never forbids any of his followers to participate in sports or known as Recreation. "In Islam, we can do anything but it has its own limits, and in sports there are limits, so I hope the players The Red Warriors were always comply with religions that do not fall in a matter which is not bad, "he said. Nik Aziz also help to recall that he had playing football at the time of the Japanese colonial era and until now these memories are still fresh. "I am very interested in football ni, because I am willing to attend tu himself watching the match in the final stages when first eligible Kelantan" he said. For The Red Warriors team manager , Azman Ibrahim also claimed that the state government's contribution to the players, this is another sign of government concern to the sport of football Kelantan. "I am confident that the players accept donations today, they will be more enthusiastic again next season and hopefully the government will continue to distribute many assistance for the development of the sport of football country, "he said. -Hrkh

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