Friday, November 4, 2011

PR assemblymen are prohibited visit Feedlot cattle projects

Description convoy PR leaders, including several state assemblymen NSW to visit a cattle farm project of the National Feedlot Centre failed when they were prevented and prohibited from entering by security guards on duty. Rafizis PKR strategic director Ramli last week said he would hold a press conference at the farm where government did not give an answer on some of the alleged shortcomings of projects worth RM73.64 membabaitkan it. upon arriving at the farm site measuring 2.000 acres at noon today, about 50 Pakatan leaders and activists to expose oneself for an hour in an effort to try to persuade the security guard for allow them to enter. "How did you block us in, while the minister in charge said we can go to this project because it is a successful and do not have any misconduct?" asked the security guard's Rafizis. money was another argument, it is the prerogative of elected representatives to explore how people spent money belonging. But all is not ignored. Instead, they are asked to leave the premises. The convoy had to comply with and dismissed at 1:30 pm after a press conference at the entrance to the farm. On 1 November, the National Feedlot Centre Rafizis claims valued at RM73.64 million was a project that does not work no matter settled otherwise by the minister, Datuk Seri Noh Omar. "We question the minister said the targets were met. Livestock 8.000 head of cattle in three years, farmers in the village anywhere can do. No need to have RM250 million," said Rafizis. States Agro Science Industries Sdn Bhd - one of two companies selected to ensure the success of the National Feedlot Centre - has been granted a loan of RM250 million is allocated and RM6 million grant through the ministry of agriculture. Noh last week admitted that the project was given to family members of women's development minister, family and society, Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil. -M 'now

Convoy people visit national alliance corporation Feedlot 031,111 Rafizis tommy

Convoy people visit national alliance corporation Feedlot 031,111 abbatoir


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