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Jenis Gas Pemedih Mata Yang Digunakan FRU

Menurut Pengarah Biro Guaman KEADILAN, Latheefa Koya, FRU menggunakan 2 jenis gas pemedih mata. FRU menggunakan kanister model 560 CS yang dikeluarkan oleh Federal Laboratories dan kanister model ALS5727 dikeluarkan oleh sebuah syarikat ALS Technologies Inc.

Beliau berkata, kedua-dua model kanister berkenaan iaitu dari Federal Laboratories dan ALS Technologies Inc mengeluarkan jenis gas CS yang boleh membahayakan nyawa manusia.

Sehubungan dengan itu, kami cuba membuat research mengenai kedua-dua jenis kanister yang digunakan FRU tersebut. Kanister model 560 CS yang dikeluarkan oleh Federal Laboratories boleh dilihat di website mereka di

560 CS

The Spede-Heat™ 37mm Long Range Round comes from the design of the Defense Technology® #17 Long Range Chemical Projectile Round. The Spede-Heat™ 37mm Long Range Round is designed to deliver one dual-ported chemical
or smoke canister from a 37 mm launcher 150 yards to the intended target zone.

The Spede-Heat™ 37mm Long Range Round is most widely used as a crowd management solution. It is used by Law Enforcement and Corrections for the rapid deployment of chemical agent from maximum stand-off distances. Fired
from a 37 mm launcher, the Spede-Heat – 37 contains one (1) canister ported on each end.

This round may be fixed in the air at an angle of approximately 25 – 30 degrees to achieve maximum stand-off, or it may be skip fired into the target area from closer ranges. When launching, it is recommended to have a spotter to ensure canisters do not land on rooftops or other areas of concern.

The Spede-Heat – C is the colored smoke variation of this product. It may be used for signaling or marking.

The Spede-Heat chemical and smoke projectiles are designed for outdoor use and have fire-producing capability. They are not intended for barricade penetration. Do not fire directly at personnel, as serious injury or death may result.

WARNING: This product is to be used only by authorized and trained Law Enforcement, Corrections, or Military Personnel. This product may cause serious injury or death to you or others. This product may cause serious damage to property. Handle, store and use with extreme care and caution. Use only as instructed.


Jelas sekali kanister jenis 560 CS ini boleh mendatangkan kecederaan yang serius dan juga maut! Persoalan yang di timbul adalah bagaimana mereka tergamak menggunakan kanister jenis 560 CS ini? Mungkin juga kematian Baharuddin Ahmad, 59 itu disebabkan gas pemedih mata ini.

Kanister yang kedua yang digunakan oleh FRU adalah kanister model ALS5727 yang dikeluarkan oleh sebuah syarikat ALS Technologies Inc (


The ALS 5727 launches one pyrotechnic sub-munition that releases a CS smoke agent. The single sub-munition provides a wide area
of coverage for dispersal and control of crowds. The sub-munition is launched up to 150 yards and releases smoke for approximately 25-30 seconds.

The ALS 5727 was developed to overcome proximity issues with noncompliant subjects. The round employs a pyrotechnic CS projectile for long range target acquisition. It minimizes direct contact and enhances the safety of deployed officers by denying specific areas to individuals or crowds.

Individual Targets, Suspect Apprehension, Prison/Civil Rioters.

The ALS 5727 is designed to cause disorientation through a tearing and burning sensation in the eyes, involuntary closing of the eyes (blepharospam), coughing, sensation of shortness of breath (dyspnea) and is an irritant to exposed skin surfaces. The ALS 5727 is designed to result in behavior modifications or retreat away from officers or immediate response to issued commands.

Size: Length= 4.8 inch x 1.5inch (37/40mm)
Projectile Weight: Approximately 25 grams per sub-munition
Power Requirements: 37 mm gas gun / M203

Time to Effect: Instantaneous
Duration of Effect: Seconds to Minutes based on power factor, distance and location of strike.
Effective Range: 0 to 450 feet from impact area based on weather conditions for ALS5727.

37 mm gas gun / M203 launcher.

Uses standard issue gas guns or M203 launchers. Easy to train officers and implement use. Waterproof.

It is recommended that officers training records be annotated to indicate proper training of less lethal chemical device use has been accomplished.

Never aim at an individual or at a group of individuals. Launchable or hand thrown ammunition can cause contusions, abrasions, broken ribs, concussions, loss of eyes, superficial organ damage, serious skin lacerations massive skull fractures, rupture of the heart or kidney, fragmentation of the liver, hemorrhages and/or death. Medical assistance should be available immediately after an actual deployment of a less lethal munition even if no physical injuries appear on subject or subjects. Pyrotechnic chemical munitions should not be launched or thrown onto roofs, into rooms, dry foliage or similar environments without fire suppression equipment being readily available.

All users of ALS Technologies products should review our Statement of Operational Limitations & Warnings available on the ALS corporate web site at This information should not be construed as proper training in the use of ALS Technologies products. Email or call our Training Director toll free at 1-877-902-4257 to arrange a training course.

Source: ALS Technologies

Kesimpulan di sini, jelas sekali kedua-dua jenis kanister ini boleh menyebabkan kematian. Walaupun pihak polis manafikannya, maklumat yang kita dapat dari kedua-dua website itu sudah jelas.

“Kita sememangnya dapat dan ada kanister itu. Ini bukan kali pertama (ia berlaku). Yang saya dapat satu, masih panas sewaktu dikutip, tertulis Federal Laboratories,” kata Pengarah Biro Guaman KEADILAN, Latheefa Koya.

Bukti kanister juga sudah ada di tangan Pengarah Biro Guaman KEADILAN, Latheefa Koya. Apa lagi alasan pihak polis akan keluarkan selepas ini

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